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Dez 4 2015

BHS-Sonthofen strengthens its presence in Turkey

Recycling, mixing and crushing technology in Turkey: New subsidiary is the product of a long-standing business relationship.

BHS-Sonthofen strengthens its presence in Turkey

The General Manager, Ramazan Ergin (left), and the National Sales Manager, Alper Sahin in Istanbul

BHS-Sonthofen has founded BHS-Sonthofen Turkey Makina Sanayi Ltd. Sti. in Turkey in October with its corporate headquarters in Istanbul. The company enables BHS to offer its customers expert advice at the local level at the gateway between Europe and Asia. The newly founded subsidiary is a joint venture which has developed from a long-standing business relationship with DTR Industries.

The foundation of the new subsidiary means that BHS will be able to meet the increasing demand for the recycling, mixing and crushing technology products from Sonthofen on the Turkish market.

A number of machines and installations have been in operation in these segments for several years in Turkey, e.g. for processing slag and mixing concrete, as well as crushers for the production of chippings and sand.

The corporate headquarters is located in Istanbul, within sight of Sabiha Gökcen airport. Ramazan Ergin is the General Manager of BHS Turkey; he will continue as General Manager of DTR Industries, a company which also represents other German machine manufacturers in Turkey. Ergin has known the machines of BHS for a long time. High-quality advice is guaranteed from the very first day, owing to the expertise he has acquired in dealing with them. Alper Sahin is the National Sales Manager for Turkey. He knows the recycling industry inside and out from his job at a company in the sector, where he worked for several years.

Dennis Kemmann, the General Manager of BHS-Sonthofen GmbH, sees enormous potential in Turkey: „We have noticed a constantly growing awareness of the importance of recycling reusable materials and environmental protection in Turkey: Many local authority areas are investing in waste recycling. There is also a large market for scrap. The construction industry is experiencing dynamic growth, which not only creates a growing demand for concrete mixers but also for cement. We are supplying systems for this market which enable refuse-derived fuels to be used to a high degree.“

Address and contact data of BHS Turkey:
BHS-Sonthofen Turkey Makina Sanayi Ltd. Sti.
Yenisehir Mah. Sumbul Sok. No: 8/1/113
34912 Pendik – Istanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 216 9092-490
Fax: +90 216 9092-492

About BHS-Sonthofen

BHS-Sonthofen is an owner-operated group of companies in the machinery and plant engineering field, based in Sonthofen, Germany. The company offers technical solutions for mechanical process engineering, concentrating primarily on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration. With more than 350 employees and several subsidiaries, BHS Sonthofen has a global presence.

The Mixing Technology division produces batch and continuous mixers and offers a full range of process technology for mixing. The twin-shaft batch mixer, which is considered a global benchmark in the concrete industry, is an important product.

The Crushing Technology division manufactures impact crushers and mills with vertical and horizontal shafts, which are used for processing mineral substances, e.g. in quarries, gravel works and mining.

The Recycling Technology division offers a wide range of machines and systems for the recycling industry. The product spectrum covers the processing of brittle-hard waste materials such as electronic waste, slag, shredder residual fractions etc., as well as resilient materials such as tires, cables, and refuse-derived fuels.

For more information, see

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH
Roland Schmid
An der Eisenschmelze 47
D-87527 Sonthofen, Germany
+49 8321 6099-231

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Mrz 26 2013

BHS-Sonthofen: Gravel processing with BHS rotor centrifugal crushers

Wear is virtually a thing of the past

BHS-Sonthofen: Gravel processing with BHS rotor centrifugal crushers

At BAUMA, BHS-Sonthofen demonstrates the rotor centrifugal crushers of the RSMX series for processing hard and medium-hard rock to produce aggregate chippings and high-quality aggregates. The „rock-on-rock“ principle and the patented rotor with just two centrifugal chambers offer considerable advantages over multi-chamber rotors in everyday practice.

The requirements on the building materials concrete and asphalt – and thus on the gravel, chippings and sand used for their production – have continuously risen in recent years. Since demand for high-grade crushed sand and high-quality aggregates is also constantly rising, gravel and aggregate plants have to expand and equip their machine pools in order to meet the European standards and directives that require increased use of high-quality aggregates. BHS offers machines in four different sizes for throughput rates of up to 400 t/h.

Crushing with BHS impact crushers with vertical shafts and twin-chamber rotors is a popular choice in many plants for the production of high-quality aggregates.

BHS rotor centrifugal crushers adopt the impact crushing principle: the material is fed vertically from above onto the high-speed rotor, which is mounted on a shaft with vertical bearings. In both chambers of the rotor, the input material is rapidly accelerated outwards due to the high circumferential speed, routed out via a naturally forming material bed and hurled at high speed against a fixed annular wall, generally consisting of an anvil ring made of heavy-duty casting or an autogenous material bed.

The rotors patented by BHS with just two centrifugal chambers offer considerable advantages over three-chamber and multi-chamber rotors:
– maximum input grain sizes of up to about 80 mm for hard rock and up to 150 mm for soft rock
– optimal material flow in the rotor, free from clogging
– 15 to 20 percent greater throughput rate with the same power consumption
– wear-related costs reduced by up to 25 percent
– exhaust air quantity reduced by more than 10 percent.

Choice of rock shelf or anvil ring

The rotor centrifugal crushers from BHS can optionally be operated with an anvil ring made of heavy-duty casting or with a rock shelf, and can thus be variably adapted to a wide range of different requirements.

If the anvil ring is used, the input material is crushed intensively by the hard impact of the rock against the impact wall, thereby developing the crushed face count of the chippings. Previously damaged rock and friable components are destroyed, significantly improving the test results of the final products.

The stepped shape of the anvil ring causes the crushed material to be removed immediately from the crushing chamber without further abrasion.

If the rotor centrifugal crusher is operated with a rock shelf, it is also suitable for highly abrasive input materials, such as quartz, as the „rock-on-rock“ principle means that only very few machine components are subjected to wear.

Another advantage is that, unlike in other crushing systems, the condition of the wearing parts has no effect on the grading curve: it is only the speed of the rotor that determines the crushing performance.

Depending on the application specified by the customer and the properties of the rock, operation of the rotor centrifugal crusher can be varied:
– with anvil ring:
as crusher and cubicator for the production of aggregate chippings and high-quality aggregates from soft and medium-hard rock
for production of crushed sand
– with rock shelf:
as crusher and cubicator for the production of aggregate chippings and high-quality aggregates from hard rock
– with rock shelf or anvil ring (depending on the application):
for selective crushing of friable rock while maintaining the hard core of the material
for disaggregation of conglomerates

Every kind of rock has different characteristics; for this reason, BHS conducts tests at its in-house technical center on request. These tests are carried out using original industrial scale machines to ensure optimal and realistic crushing results. These tests give the customer the certainty that his outlay is well invested and that the new plant is future-proof.

BHS-Sonthofen at BAUMA in Munich, April 15 to 21, 2013: Hall B2, booth 325/420

About BHS-Sonthofen
BHS-Sonthofen GmbH offers innovative and efficient mechanical process solutions for mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration applications.

For more than 100 years, the crushing technology division of BHS has been manufacturing machines that are used for processing minerals in quarries and gravel pits and in the mining industry. The product range includes impact crushers and impact mills with horizontal and vertical shafts.

For more information, visit

BHS Sonthofen GmbH
Roland Schmid
An der Eisenschmelze 47
D- 87527 Sonthofen / Germany

Regina Reinhardt
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