SKY elegance abutments – individual abutments with “White Shade” and “Off-Peak”

SKY elegance abutments - individual abutments with "White Shade" and "Off-Peak"

SKY elegance abutments by bredent medical; photos: Dr. Manolakis, Saloniki

Dark shadows in the gingival border can affect the result of implant fittings just like the trauma that arises due to the frequent change of different prosthetic parts right up to the final arrangement. The SKY elegance abutments offer innovative aesthetic and new prosthetic options for the process here.

The SKY elegance abutments are a new type of abutments with regard to the material combination: with a Titanium core and a shell made of the high-performance polymer BioHPP. High-performance polymers have proven themselves in medicine for many years in hip- and spinal column surgery due to their bio-compatibility and mechanical properties. BioHPP is a further development to fulfil special prosthetic requirements.

The SKY elegance abutments with the new materials are offered in two different forms:

– As individual abutment that is manufactured with the for 2 press system on the SKY elegance Titanium base through classical modelling – will be available from IDS 2013.
– As pre-fabricated abutments in the forms of the SKY esthetik line. These will be available from Autumn 2013.

To manufacture the individual abutments and for a natural design, the original tooth shape is remodelled on the SKY elegance Titanium base and finally over pressed with vacuum in the for 2 press system. The vacuum pressing or industrial production of fabricated abutments gives rise to a homogeneous bonding of Titanium and BioHPP, which is absolutely free of gaps and has the best possible mechanical properties. The “Off-Peak” property (shock absorption) cushions the load transfer to the implant. This abutment is therefore also suitable for immediate loading. The white colour ensures that no dark shadows show through the gingiva. All options remain open for users and patients: The SKY elegance abutments can be veneered directly with the visio.lign veneering system or provided with ceramic or metal crowns and bridges. In this connection, fixed fittings like single crowns or bridges as well as removable prostheses on telescopes can be manufactured.

In the dental practice, the application has evoked very positive feedbacks from patients, who are impressed by the soft bite combined with the high chewing comfort and the aesthetics.

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