Hammering away! How hammer-formed models save prototyping costs

SOLVARO offers alternative production methods for the manufacturing of prototypes

Hammering away! How hammer-formed models save prototyping costs

Expensive deep-drawing tools are replaced by cost-efficient negative moulds of the component.

The cost of prototyping individual components can quickly grow to an enormous sum, especially if deep-drawing tools are needed for production. SOLVARO GmbH uses alternative methods when creating prototypes, having discovered the hammer-formed model for itself and its customers. This offers considerable potential savings and flexibility when developing parts.

Saving tooling costs
The deep-drawn parts of air grilles and engine covers for agricultural and construction machinery are essential in terms of both appearance and function. During bench testing and field tests, it is therefore imperative to produce these parts completely – even on prototypes. However, the production and modification of deep-drawing tools is extremely expensive. Figures can quickly amount to six digits. SOLVARO, the component supplier based in Kirchheim, South Germany, offers a range of more cost-effective production methods for prototypes, such as the hammer-formed model. As a result, development work remains flexible and reliable tests can be carried out on the materials, installation and features like air permeability.

Hammer-formed models ready for installation in the original material
The negative moulds for hammer-formed models are cut out of cheap steel or aluminium. The prototype is then formed by hammering the soft-annealed, perforated original sheet into the right shape. It is a labour-intensive method, and it takes a great deal of skilled hammering to produce a prototype. However, the results are impressive and are very close to the end product. In many cases, the moulds can be used for several prototypes – perhaps with different lengths, for example. Once tests have been carried out on the hammer-formed model, companies are usually a good step closer to serial production, although changes to the design can still easily be made.

SOLVARO – Manufacturer of individual industrial plate components
SOLVARO’s expert team from engineering, development and production listens to its customers. The result of this collaboration, coupled with a wide range of production technologies, is individual and innovative components. These may be used in agricultural and construction machinery, buses and server cabinets, for example.

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