Navi Retrofits Made Easy – With ZENEC’s E>GO CORE

An easy to retrofit multimedia sat nav system with a large display? ZENEC E>GO CORE infotainers integrate perfectly into different VW and Skoda models.

When buying a new car you have the option of also ordering a factory multimedia or a sat nav system with a large display. If you wish to retrofit your new car at a later time, or equip a used vehicle with a modern infotainer with a large display, this is usually not a simple undertaking. The aftermarket offers many device models, but in most cases these models feature a small display only. Also with many of these 2-DIN systems the connection to important CAN bus based functions is either quite restricted or even completely missing.
Those times are over thanks to E>GO CORE, the innovative retrofit concept from ZENEC. E>GO CORE is a clever system solution to retrofit a cutting-edge infotainer with the largest possible display into selected car models. CORE has been developed for newer or most recent VAG MIB2 models like the VW Golf 7, Polo 6, Passat Alltrack, Tiguan II and the Skoda Octavia III.

The basis of the smart concept is the CORE main model Z-E1010, with a screen size of 10.1″/25.7 cm optimally suited for the respective target vehicles. Matching to this, there are vehicle-specific mounting frame kits that contain the cable harness and the antenna adapter required for the target vehicle, ensuring simple time-saving installation and connection. The CAN based integration functions are brand and vehicle specific and include audio info of playback sources shown on the driver information display, Climatronic status info or/and control, OPS, multifunction steering wheel and also the VAG car menu or the cockpit vehicle data display.

The Z-E1010 is a top modern infotainer that impresses with its wide range of functions. Particularly user-friendly is the DAB+ tuner, which scores with its clear digital radio reception and important comfort functions: for example DABDAB Service Following, MOT Slideshow, DLS text and Comfort Scan. The FM RDS tuner ensures quality reception of radio stations in regions where the DAB broadcasting is not providing adequate coverage yet.
Two USB ports can be used for the playback of A/V files, including high resolution formats such as FLAC or MKV.
The large 10.1″/25.7 cm capacitive touchscreen with a glass surface is a delight thanks to the sharp, crisp, and brilliant images it produces. The optimized operation tree and the modern UI graphics stand for completely intuitive operation of the Z-E1010 on the road.

The Bluetooth 4.1 solution scores in hands-free mode with good voice quality. In addition to a speed dialing function for contact favorites and contact search by given and family name, CORE can also manage A2DP music streaming with iD3 tag content display.
If modern smartphone integration is important to you then you will get your money’s worth with the Z-E1010 through ZENEC’s SmartLink Direct, which makes apps from iOS or Android smartphones available on the CORE infotainer. SmartLink Direct mirrors the smartphone screen content on the CORE display, allowing apps to be controlled directly from the touchscreen.
WebLink® 2.0 expands the integration of online content like YouTube, ShoutCast or Audio and Video Player. The apps are rendered in landscape mode on the CORE display, for best and most convenient operation.

With the Z-EMAP-CORE navigation package, obtainable as an option, you can upgrade the Z-E1010 to a fully-fledged naviceiver. The sat nav package is pre-installed on a 16 GB microSDHC card containing map data for 47 European countries and 6.5 million Premium POIs. The package comes with 1 year map subscription.

The brand Zenec stands for pure in-car multimedia. Moniceivers, naviceivers, roof mount and universal monitors sum to a well rounded portfolio of in-car products. Added to that are accessory components like rear view cameras and headphones. All Zenec devices are perfectly compatible with one another.
The Zenec multimedia range is perceived to follow the edge of technology, but also to stand out with an exceptional price/performance value. Yet, quality before quantity is the other important maxim given, Zenec is strictly adhering to.
In 2008, Zenec brought the first E>GO model onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific naviceiver. E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and hours of installation work. With the new line up 2018 there are E>GOs to fit into over 60 models of vehicle.

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