OrganoTherapeutics successfully participated in Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) program

Founder Jens Schwamborn and Javier Jarazo of OrganoTherapeutics successfully participate in the Creative Destruction Lab program.

OrganoTherapeutics is a drug discovery start-up pioneering the development of patient-specific midbrain organoids. These are simplified, miniaturized replicas of the human brain that are grown in vitro in the laboratory. The background is research into Parkinson’s disease and the development of new drugs, as there are currently no truly curative treatments for this disease. With the patient-specific midbrain organoids, Jens Schwamborn and Javier Jarazo are able to develop new small-molecule drugs that target neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease. At the same time, the mini-brains can also be used to develop other neurodegenerative treatments. However, the cost for research is high, which is why OrganoTherapeutics relies on support to move the research forward – one of the reasons Jens Schwamborn and Javier Jarazo chose to participate in the CDL program.

Find out here what the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is, what the Health program is about, who can apply for the stream “Health”, and who supports the startups.


The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a non-profit organization that provides a goal-oriented program for scalable, science and technology-based companies in their startup stage. The program specifically targets founders or companies pursuing commercial opportunities based on translational science and technology innovations designed to improve human health and well-being. In this regard, there are 16 different support programs targeting different companies:

– Climate
– Blockchain: geared toward founders pursuing commercial opportunities based on the use of blockchain technology.
– Artificial Intelligence: geared towards founders pursuing commercial opportunities based on the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
– Agribusiness: geared towards founders developing solutions for the entire agricultural value chain – from the grower to the end consumer.
– CPG industry. Aimed at founders developing technologies designed to have a lasting impact on the retail and CPG industries.
– Energy: For founders developing transformative technologies for the energy industry.
– FinTech
– Health (HEALTH).
– Development or the recycling of materials.
– Brain Science.
– Developing digital technologies and sustainable solutions for the marine economy.
– For companies looking to develop advanced technologies for a wide range of industries.
– Quantum computing, machine learning, optimization, sensing and other applications of quantum technologies.
– Risk management solutions
– Development of space-based technologies.
– Supply chain optimization: for companies looking to leverage artificial intelligence for supply chain visibility, optimization and improvement.


With their spin-off project, OrganoTherapeutics founders Jens Schwamborn and Javier Jarazo participated in the stream “Health”. The health program helps teams and companies bring their own innovations in the field of human health to market. They receive advice and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, physicians, scientists, engineers and investors in the life sciences field. Mentors help participating startups sharpen their own goals, to plan proper time management, prioritize resources, as well as raise capital and interact with experts working on the edge of the program. To this end, the startups participate in five in-person seminars. In the case of OrganoTherapeutics, Jens Schwamborn participated in the seminars in Oxford. Since CDL is a non-profit organization, there are no fees for participants.


The stream “Health” is particularly suitable for companies focused on improving the quality, speed, cost or accessibility of healthcare. The goal is to prevent, better diagnose or treat disease. But improving the operational efficiency of the medical community can also be a goal. For example, startups from the following areas can attend:

– Development of software solutions regarding health
– Development of diagnostic tools
– Medical devices
– Synthetic biology and biotechnology


Mentors include entrepreneurs, experienced operators, active venture investors, global leaders in science, engineering and economics. For this, the mentors meet every eight weeks to help the founders. In addition, virtual meetings are held. During the nine-month CDL program the aim is to provide the startups with the best possible support so that they can ultimately achieve and implement their own plans. Companies accepted into the neuro program will receive assistance with regulatory approval, use of neuro data, planning and conducting clinical trials, and evaluating business models for neurotechnology devices and drugs. In the process, the startups receive regular feedback from the mentors, who evaluate the technologies or even name improvements. For Jens Schwamborn, the free mentoring program of Creative Destruction Lab is a useful support for start-ups, which is recommendable to other founders.

OrganoTherapeutics use cutting-edge human-specific mini-brains for the discovery and development of effective drug candidates targeting Parkinson”s disease. We screen new molecules on our proprietary human-specific minibrains which represent a model mimicking faithfully the human Parkinson”s disease pathology. OrganoTherapeutics aims at developing new drug candidates against Parkinson”s disease which are tested in state-of-the art 3D patient models. OrganoTherapeutics has developed first own proprietary drug candidates and has access to attractive libraries for further screening.

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