Top recommendation: XZENT X-F285 sat nav for Ford Transit

„Superb navigation and infotainment solution for motorhomes on Ford Transit platform“ – XZENT X-F285 awarded the ‚Integration tip‘ from German Car & HiFi magazine (04/22).

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular vehicle platforms for motorhomes. The X-F285 from multimedia specialist XZENT is a vehicle-specific infotainer boasting perfect technical and visual integration with new Transits built since 2019. The German Car & HiFi magazine in its issue 04/22 has thoroughly tested the system together with navigation packages available separately, and is impressed. The experienced tech journalists adjudge the X-F285 a „top recommendation for Ford Transit motorhomes“, awarding it the ‚Integration tip‘ in the Top Class category.

Car & HiFi praises not only the precise fit of the X-F285 with „its 1-DIN format body that is an optimal fit in the original installation slot“. Equally optimal is how „the large front with its generous 22.9 cm size real glass touchscreen“ has been customized to the Transit cockpit.
The X-F285 can also handle „the full range of infotainment features“, say the testers. Beside an analog FM tuner, it offers DAB+ with every comfort function, such as DAB-DAB Service-Following, MOT Slideshow, and DLS Text. „Especially in a motorhome, which generally doesn’t stay long in one place, but frequently changes broadcast area, the automatic background scan is another big plus point“, state the tech journalists. Naturally the X-F285 can also handle hands-free calling and audio streaming over Bluetooth. For connecting Android phones and USB media it provides „two USB ports and even an HDMI input“.

„Smartphone support from the XZENT X-F285 is also considerable“, say the testers. iPhone users being offered Apple Car Play complete with Siri voice control, while Android phone owners will be happy about the preinstalled AndroidLink app: „This app enables mirroring of the screen content of Android smartphones on the infotainer display, and direct control of the mirrored apps from its touchscreen.

The X-F285 has connections to take two rear-view cameras, on which guidelines can be displayed and set, changeover being automatic on engaging reverse gear. In addition, you can also access the camera image manually via the CAM button at the front: „This is very practical,“ explain the testers, „for example, if you want to check during the journey that the load on the trailer is still properly secured.“

As the X-F285 is equipped with a GPS antenna making it ready for navigation, Car & HiFi recommend immediately purchasing one of the navigation packages available separately: either the X-MAP27-MH1 (1 year of free map updates) or X-MAP27-MH3 (3 years of updates). „On a 16 GB microSD card, inserted at the side of the front panel of the XZENT device, both packages offer detailed maps of 47 countries in Western and Eastern Europe“, say the experienced testers in assessing the straightforward upgrade to the naviceiver. „The software is specially designed for the needs of motorhome drivers with preconfigured vehicle profiles for the input of height, width, length, and weight, trailer etc.“

Even traffic information, transmitted using TPEG over DAB+, is taken care of during route planning. This real time information on the traffic situation is „an enormous plus“, according to Car & HiFi. That the X-F285 is optimally suited for use in motorhomes is also underlined by the integrated database of around 20,000 stopover and camping sites: „A lot of additional information may be accessed, such as contact numbers, on-site supply and waste disposal, number of parking spaces available and so on – important information for quickly finding the right overnight stop.“

„The XZENT X-F285 integrates superbly into the Ford Transit“, conclude the testers. „Not only is integration with the dashboard perfect, both technically and visually, but electrical communication with the vehicle is also excellent thanks to the CAN interface. At the same time the optional navigation has also been perfectly tailored to the requirements of motorhomers like the infotainer itself. A great navigation and infotainment solution for motorhomes on the Ford Transit platform.“

XZENT is a young brand that is focused exclusively on the „In-car Navigation and Multimedia“ sector. XZENT is the specialist for multimedia and navigation systems. As regards build quality and the range of features XZENT moni- and naviceivers are second to none and, with their sensational price/performance, are convincing right down the line.
XZENT products are now firmly established in the market – this is also demonstrated by the many awards and impressive test reports appearing in the trade press in recent years for XZENT devices.
XZENT products are distributed worldwide exclusively through the extensive ACR AG dealer network, Europe’s largest car media specialists. Among the ACR dealers you will also find a large range of accessories for XZENT systems: rear-view cameras, DAB+ and DVB-T tuners, and monitors as well as speakers and amplifiers.

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