TIPP OIL on the road to success in the oil industry

Tipp Oil on the road to success

TIPP OIL a Manufacturer of the future in the entire oil industry with its tried and tested and revolutionary deposit system Rebottle helps the environment.
Above all, traders and end consumers benefit from the deposit system.
High sales increases and reputation in the business industry are just a few advantages that can be achieved by the manufacturer Tipp Oil of its deposit system.
Tipp Oil plans to build another plant in Germany in January 2021 as well as 2 cleaning plants in Africa and South America.
The focus is on sustainability and effective increases in product quality and the process of expanding the circulation system across the board.
TIPP OIL has received various awards last year and this year in 2020, and it has recently been nominated for the rebottle process at Business EU Magazin 2020.
We are still looking for distributors who can contact us at www.tippoil.com
There is also material support such as face masks and disinfectants and help due to the current Covit 19 pandemic from the manufacturer

Hersteller der Marke TIPP Oil – Made in Germany –
PKW. LKW-Motorenöle, Allzwecköle für Land- und Baumaschinen, Zweirad-Motorenöle, Zweitakt-Motorenöle, Getriebeöle usw.

TIPP OIL – Schmierstoffe
Anja Klukas
Kamenerstr 16D
59425 Unna
Phone: (+49)023036728527
E-Mail: marketing@tippoil.com
Url: http://www.tippoil.com

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