prudsys RDE generates high quality recommendations even for „longtail“ products, impressing

Effective immediately, internetstores AG will be using prudsys AG product recommendations. The Realtime Decisioning Engine in a nutshell: prudsys RDE – was impressive not least of all due to its ability to generate intelligent, real time recommendations that increase sales, even for longtail products in a range containing several million items. Due to the positive results thus far, another addition to product personalisation is planned, e.g. in the area of intelligent product bundling.

Browsing through an online book shop is at least as nice and relaxing as looking for new reading material in a retail book shop. It is the depth of selection of an online book and media shop such as in particular that makes choosing reading material a special experience for customers: Amongst millions of products, reviews and individualised product recommendations provide customers with guidelines; trailers, reading and listening samples also offer exciting and informative insight.

In order to make it easier for customers to search for products they are interested in, effective immediately, internetstores AG will be using intelligent product recommendations based on current and past usage patterns of shop visitors, which means high relevance for customers. This type of real time recommendation is now a vital part of online business as it increases both customer satisfaction and sales.
However, online shop operators with a multi-faceted and extremely large range of products such as internetstores AG face the additional challenge in this respect of generating good recommendations that make sense, even for longtail products. These are products that on their own are not sold that frequently and that thus offer little to go on for recommendation rules, but that in their entirety represent a significant share of sales. Poor or even nonsensical recommendations in these areas not only waste any potential for upselling but can also damage the bookseller’s image.

That is why the Münster-based company chose to rely on the many years of expertise of the realtime analytics specialists prudsys and testedthe prudsys RDE, generally acknowledged to be the leader in the field of intelligent realtime data analytics.

The result: because of its innovative algorithms, the prudsys RDE is in a position to
generate high quality recommendations, even for products that were seldom sold in the past. This is made possible by algorithms and methods that learn from things like category and attribute association.

In addition to the jump in recommendation quality achieved in this way, other innovative functions featured by the prudsys RDE, such as personalised banner control, relevance controlled list sorting and dynamic product bundling cinched the decision to continue using the prudsys RDE.

„It’s exactly what we’d been looking for: a solution that could not only handle extremely large volumes of data without problem but that can also come up with suitable product recommendations for our customers when there is little to no statistical data, such as occurs with longtail products.“ says Albert Hirsch , chief executive at internetstores AG.

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prudsys AG as the technology leader for intelligent data analytics concentrates among classic Data Mining on the development and integration of high-quality real-time analytics solutions.

The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE) is a leading service-oriented solution for real-time analytics, forecasts and intelligent recommendations. The modular structure of the prudsys RDE enables the rapid, simple implementation of innovative business scenarios tailored to match the specific requirements of each area of application. The RDE modules can be used as separate, independent units or linked together to build a multi-channel global solution. With IREUS the prudsys AG especially offers for small and medium online shops selected features of the prudsys RDE as a software as a services.

The prudsys products are used world-wide. In Germany alone, approximately 50% of the top twenty mail order businesses such as OTTO, Heine and Baur and countless other Top 100 mail-order specialists (Source: Versandhausberater – Mail-Order Adviser) such as 3 Pagen/3 Suisse, Alba Moda, Douglas, Karstadt, Mexx rely on prudsys solutions.

Founded in 1998, the company, thanks to a constant, intensive research effort, has become the recognised first mover for real-time Data Mining. prudsys AG is the holder of numerous German and international patents. prudsys AG sets the latest data mining standards with its innovative real-time analysis technology and membership of the DMG (Data Mining Group) and OMG (Object Management Group) standards committees.

Furthermore, prudsys AG is the organiser of the world’s biggest data mining competition, the DATA MINING CUP.

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