Directional light avoids follow-up costs and complaints

The iLux LightBox makes for concentrated, non-tiring visual surface inspection

Directional light avoids follow-up costs and complaints

A flaw in the lacquer of a trim strip for an automobile is visible in light emitted by iLux LightBox

The new iLux LightBox developed by LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH makes also those surface defects visible which under normal lighting conditions in a workshop would remain undetectable. The LightBox has been adapted to the human eye, allowing concentrated, non-tiring working for long periods of time.

Unlike common light systems, the LightBox does not direct the light beam straight to the work place but deflects the light via a special deflecting unit fitted with lamellae in such a way that the impingement angle of the light becomes very acute. The light runs almost in parallel to the product to be inspected. Through this effect the structures of the surface defects come out better and are more clearly visible.

Deflecting the light provides non-glaring working conditions and uniform illumination of the entire surface to be inspected. The lighting conditions are constant within the operator”s complete area of reach. Hence the eyes do not need to be adapted to changing light intensity. As a result, the LightBox increases the reliability of the inspection and avoids waiting times.

The lighting provided by the LightBox can be adapted in multiple ways to the reflection properties of the work pieces. However, the optimal light intensity in each individual case is not only a matter of the material surface. Every person prefers different light intensities, last but not least depending on the time of the day or year and the time spent in the workshop.

By means of the LightBox the lighting of the working area is perfectly adaptable to the human operator”s individual vision. Too intense a light causes stress to the human eye, leading to premature tiring. By adapting the intensity, the LightBox increases the operator”s faculty of sight many times over. Such relaxed viewing is beneficial to the operator”s eyes and allows highly concentrated working. This guarantees good detection rates over long periods of time.

The iLux LightBox will be fitted with lamps with daylight spectrum specifically selected for the detection task at hand. While for colour matching – as in painting shops or at automotive industry suppliers – it is important to have excellent trueness of colour, in microchip production, for example, it may be necessary to have a splinter shield.

The iLux LightBox comes in two standard sizes: 1,200 x 800 mm and 1,500 x 800 mm. It illuminates an operator”s entire area of reach of about 1.6 x 0.6 m. On request, LDV also supplies the unit in customized sizes for any individual conditions on site. Being of very compact design, the iLux LightBox can be easily transported and is therefore ideally suited for use at varying inspection places.

About LDV

LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH develops, manufactures and sells optical systems for measuring and quality-assurance applications.

On the one hand, the product range comprises non-contact speed and length measuring systems. Typical uses of these devices are mass flow control systems, elongation measurements and other applications in hot and cold rolling mills.

On the other hand, LDV supplies equipment for the visual inspection of surfaces of single work pieces as well as continuously produced strip. The company designs fully equipped inspection work stations taking into due account ergonomic aspects. This not only includes an analysis of the local conditions and tests in the light laboratory but also training of the customer”s personnel.

Systems from LDV are in use throughout the world at leading companies, for example in rolling mills of the steel and NF-metals industries as well as at operations of automotive producers and their suppliers.

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