LumaSense Introduces Rel-Rad™ Hybrid Technology for Cost Effective „Relatively Radiometric“ Thermal Imaging in Steel and Glassmaking Processes The new breakthrough hybrid imaging technology for non-contact temperature measurement, LumaSense Rel-Rad™, combines single point pyrometry and thermal imaging in a cost effective solution delivering „a thermal picture that’s worth a thousand pyrometers“

LumaSense Technologies introduced a new infrared imaging technology called Rel-Rad™ imaging („relatively radiometric“) that bridges the gap between single-point pyrometry and thermal imaging to deliver precise thermal images at half the cost of fully radiometric systems ( ).

LumaSense’s Rel-Rad™ combines low-cost spot pyrometry with infrared thermal imaging technology to produce thermal images that are not fully radiometric but are „relatively radiometric“. By driving the thermal image palette through a radiometric pyrometer capable of precise temperature readings, Rel-Rad™ delivers relatively radiometric IR imaging at a significantly lower cost than fully radiometric imagers.

Infrared cameras have proven to be the ideal non-contact temperature measurement technology in extremely hot manufacturing environments, but the high cost of imaging systems is often a barrier for many customers. LumaSense’s new Rel-Rad technology makes accurate thermal imaging far more accessible, so operators can monitor an entire object or process instead of just a small portion. Through its LumaSpec R/T software suite for thermal analysis, the Rel-Rad technology can be readily integrated with existing industrial monitoring and control systems via the Open Process Control (OPC) interoperability standard for industrial automation.

The hybrid Rel-Rad thermal imaging technology is ideal for industries where it is critical to know the temperature of an object as well as uniformity across an object at that temperature. Many processes in metals and glassmaking industry using a single pyrometer to measure temperature can be improved with Rel-Rad technology, e.g. steelmaking processes like ladle preheat, torpedo car monitoring and annealing furnace operations. With the more precise temperature measurements that a LumaSense Rel-Rad thermography solution provides, the life of a pouring ladle or torpedo car can be extended by 20% and energy usage for preheat operations reduced by 10%.

„Rel-Rad makes the benefits of thermal imaging accessible to industrial customers who have been shut out by the high cost of traditional radiometric cameras,“ said LumaSense CTO, Brett Sargent. „The cost of a single thermal imager can exceed $25,000 USD, whereas our Rel-Rad hybrid imaging technology creates a reliable image for half the cost and provides more insight than can be obtained from a single temperature point. Our Rel-Rad solution can be applied to existing pyrometers in the field to enhance process performance, regardless of make and model. LumaSense’s broad portfolio of sensors for thermography combined with our extensive industry knowledge and integrated software puts us in an ideal position to deliver Rel-Rad solutions to our customers. The impact will be enormous as companies reap gains in energy efficiency, reduced raw materials costs, longer asset life and reduced downtime.“

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