First class: castor line “Ultrasoft Premium”

Maximum floor care, robust and maintenance-friendly product innovation

First class: castor line "Ultrasoft Premium"

Perfect floor care: Ultrasoft Premium

The newly developed equipment castor line “Ultrasoft Premium” from the German manufacturer Wagner scores with numerous quality criteria: the robust castors are agile and easy running with best floor protection – and due to the fast and comfortable exchange possibility of the wheel they are furthermore especially easy to maintain.

The Ultrasoft running surface made of velvety thermoplastic rubber prevents and protects even the most sensitive floorings from abrasion, stripes, scratches and dints. For the best running properties it is equipped with a shock resistant, basically maintenance free plain bearing and has a convex castor profile. This reduces like a racing bike wheel considerably the rolling friction and enables an extremely easy, comfortable and silent moving of even heavy furniture and apparatuses. It”s because “Premium” is also the load capacity of up to 60 kg per castor. Fitting types are available for any kind of application requirement: swivel castors with screw-on plate or back-hole, with or without total brake as well as fixed castors, all of them with the wheel diameters 50 mm or 75 mm and fitting spare wheels. They are especially easy to maintain: the spare wheels can be mounted fast and convenient, because the casings are screwed, not riveted, as it is the case with conventional equipment castors. Just loosen the screw, remove the old wheel, insert the new wheel, screw it up – and you”re done!

Also the flexibility is “Premium”: the new castor line offers a wide range of application possibilities as equipment castor in industry and trade or also as furniture castor for the living and contract area, where it convinces with the newest technique and high material quality. It sets exciting optical accents with contemporary furniture design due to its intense luminescent blue running surfaces.

Design: Wagner System GmbH inhouse
Manufacturer: Wagner System GmbH,

Wagner was founded in 1977 by Heidi and Roland Wagner with (almost) nothing but a clever idea to begin with. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture components in Europe. And a family business whose capital lies foremost in innovative thinking and fast action. Our portfolio includes furniture accessories which fulfil criteria such as autonomy, flexibility and sustainability in processing and use. And this exactly where people want to feel secure and comfortable – at home.

Our maxim “affordable design for everyone” stands for the development and manufacture of well designed, affordable everyday products. We do this at both our sites in Lahr / Black Forest. Under the “WAGNER” umbrella brand we support and supply customers with very varied requirements: furniture, appliance and product manufacturers, architects, designers and store builders, DIY stores, specialist retailers and garden centres, consumer markets, wholesalers and mail order companies.

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