Veneer wall decor with authentic stone surface

High Quality wall Cladding with exclusive design

Veneer wall decor with authentic stone surface

hotel renovation

The very exclusive very slim and adjustable veneer is a genuine stone surface. The ecologically compatible production enables to produce a lot of scraggy slate sheets from the most beautiful slate blocks of the world. All single sheets are unique and conserve the look and feel of real slate. The natural mat on the back allows facile work process and enables many new possibilities.

Ambitious projects are enabled because this wall design has all the qualities of authentic stone on its stony side yet is elusive flexible and light. With this wall decor are no limits to the disposition: everybody will always find an ideal solution, whether for wall cladding, in furniture designing and floor surfacing.

This natural stone surface sheets are more robust than dumpy slate sheets due to pungent polyester and also useable for corners. This wall cladding and wall panels are also enable for an fireplace and chimney construction, bathroom, interior board with light, building cladding, as also furniture and door decoration.

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Our exclusive clip-system floor boards can be limitlessly joined, providing as limitless application modes. They are slip-resistant, footsure and very durable. We provide floor boards made of authentic wood, stone or plastic.

When modernising hotels, we are your ideal partner for efficient and economic rebuilding measures. Due to our easily and quickly processed authentic stone veneer (for all areas except floors) and our permanently water-resistant plastic decoration boards we are able to perform your modernisation within a fraction of the standard time required. Hence, we are able to minimise the time your rooms are unoccupied.

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