Cartonplast Group publishes its first sustainability report

The Cartonplast – Pool System: A sustainable business model for container transportation

Dietzenbach, May 09, 2014: For the first time Cartonplast Group has submitted a sustainability report for fiscal year 2013. Within this report Cartonplast informs all its stakeholders of its diverse activities in the fields of economics, environmental, and social, and sets clear goals for the future. The report, which will be published annually in the future, demonstrates that sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and enjoys a high priority within it. Cartonplast has systematically strengthened its commitment to sustainability as part of its expansion strategy. For this reason Cartonplast offers to its customers an added value in global competition. The next step is a life cycle assessment for the Cartonplast Pool System (Life Cycle Assessment).
The issue of sustainability is not new for Cartonplast. For many years Cartonplast has been awarded the recognized and well established traditional „The Blue Angel“ eco-label in the „Reusable Layer pads for Transport“ category. In the first report on sustainability the Cartonplast Pool System is in the focus. It is a sustainable business model for hygienically safe, efficient and cost-saving transport in the container industry (e.g. for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries). The plastic layer pads, on a rental basis, circulate in a closed logistics cycle; they are reusable and environmentally friendly – recyclable – 100 percent. „Reliable, reusable, recyclable“ – these three properties describe the benefits of the Pool System. All work processes within this system are regularly reviewed and evaluated in order to implement meaningful improvements. Currently, the life cycle of these rentable plastic layer pads is recorded, calculated and documented (Life Cycle Assessment / LCA).

Joachim Kreuzburg, CEO of the Cartonplast Group explained: „Sustainability is fortunately becoming increasingly important in our society. The Cartonplast Group has focused on sustainability since the Company was founded. For us this means that our activities are geared towards ecological, social and economic objectives. The protection of our nature and satisfaction of our employees go hand in hand with our business success.“

Given this understanding of sustainability, which we base on three pillars – economic, environmental, and social – Cartonplast not only takes its own value chain into consideration, but also the value chains of all its stakeholders.

Michael Heikenfeld, Managing Director & CSO of the Cartonplast Group, adds: „Our work processes play an important role in our surrounding habitat. That“s why we take the responsibility of our work processes in the company in harmony with man and nature very seriously. It is very important for us to provide a fair balance between our economic interests and our corporate responsibility – be it in contact with customers, partners, employees or other stakeholders.“

The Sustainability Report 2013 Cartonplast Group is available at (Sustainability)

Über Cartonplast

Mit seiner Zentrale in Dietzenbach, Deutschland und circa 400 Mitarbeitenden in 11 Ländern ist Cartonplast europäischer Marktführer im Bereich Vermietung, Service und Vermarktung von Polypropylen-Lagen, die als Zwischenlagen für den Transport von Glas-, PET-Behältern und Dosen in der Lebensmittel-, Getränke-, Pharma- und Kosmetikindustrie eingesetzt werden. Das Unternehmen hat ein erfolgreiches Servicemodell, das Pool-System entwickelt: Die Gesellschaft vermietet Kunststoff-Zwischenlagen an über 130 Unternehmen der Behälterindustrie in 19 Ländern zum Transport von Flaschen, Dosen und Gläsern vom Behälterhersteller zur Abfüllanlage. Cartonplast unterhält 13 eigene Logistik- und Servicecenter, um die Zwischenlagen von den Abfüllunternehmen abzuholen und an gesellschaftseigene Reinigungsstationen zu liefern, in denen die Zwischenlagen gereinigt und sterilisiert werden. Anschließend können sie für einen nächsten Zyklus verliehen werden.

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