Deutsche Bahn excepts new Precision Wrenching Machine ROBEL 30.73 PSM from 1%

To calibrate or to wrench – that is the Question

Deutsche Bahn excepts new Precision Wrenching Machine ROBEL 30.73 PSM from 1%

30.73 PSM

– Designed according to Wrenching Regulation DB RIL 824.50.50
– Patented torque measurement device for precise results
– No more rework on site
– Do-it-yourself calibration

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) regulation RIL 824.50.50 controls the interlocking, loosening and pulling of rail fastenings and thus ensures full documentation and proof of wrenching quality. For ROBEL, this regulation was the benchmark when developing its hydraulic precision wrenching machine 30.73 PSM.

The result: Innovative technical solutions packed into a very easy to use machine.

The integrated torque measurement device, a ROBEL patent, scales the torque directly at the wrenching motor and at the end of the make-up automatically delivers a coded protocol of the complete wrenching process.

Up to now, the torque has been calculated from a secondary parameter, e.g. the hydraulic pressure. With the PSM 30.73, the measuring takes place directly at the point of origin, creating primary data. This new approach leads to such exact and unswayable work and measurement results that the DB, after thorough
evaluation, excepts the ROBEL 30.73 PSM from its 1% regulation. To date, this is the only one of a total of 12 wrenching machine types presently in use at DB to gain this release. From now on, the time consuming manual check and protocol of each 100th screw is no longer necessary.

Once calibrated via self-learning control system with target-actual performance, the 30.73 PSM creates constantly accurate wrenching results during the whole work shift. Manual recalibration on the construction site is a thing of the past just as the annual shipment of the machine to the manufacturer:
The compulsory annual calibration is realised by trained personnel in the client“s own workshop.

The operator simply chooses on the display the type of track superstructure and starts to wrench. The combination of high spindle rotation (205 [U/min]) and high loosening torque (900 [Nm]) makes wrenching with 30.73 PSM powerful, fast and safe, even with rusted ironmongery. If required, screws are unfailingly torn off without causing the motor to stop.

The design of the ROBEL 30.73 PSM shows just once more the focus of the company on work safety and operator comfort. Adjustable handles, two-hand coupling and aluminium covers together with a total weight of less than 100 kg establish optimal working conditions on site.

At this year“s InnoTrans in Berlin ROBEL presents the 30.73 PSM to the broad public for the first time. On the show“s outdoor tracks there will also be the chance to experience the Precision Wrenching Machine in action.

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