PPAP, PPA, etc.: supplier involvement pays off

SOLVARO assists its customers with advanced product quality planning

PPAP, PPA, etc.: supplier involvement pays off

The components supplier SOLVARO assists its customers with intensive advanced product quality planni

As a supplier of components for agricultural and construction machinery, SOLVARO GmbH is familiar with the sector”s exceptionally high quality expectations. The company based in Kirchheim works closely with its customers from as early in a project as possible. Among other things, this involves various advanced product quality planning measures. The extensive processes mainly relating to the sampling of new components result in rigorous error avoidance rather than the discovery of errors further down the line.

Quality costs – a lack of quality costs more!
Advanced product quality planning has become an integral part of the automotive industry. Developed in the USA to avoid errors rather than correct them once they have happened, it offers security and can help to save a great deal of money. The intensive work involved in safeguarding the maturity level of a future product on the basis of sampling calls for a great deal of commitment. Nonetheless, the measure and methods, which include detailed documentation, do pay off, because an error that only comes to light at the mass production stage can soon lead to extremely costly downtimes and extensive modifications. These binding processes are also used in the agricultural and construction machinery sector. Use is made of PPAP (production part approval process pursuant to ISO/TS 16949) or Germany”s PPA (production process and product approval in accordance with VDA Vol. 2) in order to guarantee product quality, from the development stage all the way through to mass production. Manufacturers source a large number of their components for complex machinery from various suppliers. Incorporating the suppliers early on makes the whole process easier for the manufacturer and gives the suppliers the opportunity to optimise the components at a very early stage.

Structured planning and transparent processing
Intensive advanced product quality planning calls for the product-relevant data to be determined, uniformly managed and centrally monitored. In this respect, the components supplier SOLVARO offers project management which coordinates its activities with the customers” advanced product quality planning in the best way possible and which is familiar with the procedures and the documentation required. The administrative workload is reduced for both parties. “Our engineers are especially happy when a customer gets us on board with their project as early as at the development stage, because this is where they can demonstrate their expertise. Cost efficiency measures are devised, a component”s performance is improved or solutions that simplify dispatch and assembly are incorporated,” explains Managing Director Gerhard Bullinger. “It goes without saying that we assist our customers with the necessary advanced product quality planning methods at this stage,” Bullinger continues. SOLVARO handles everything from process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA), the part submission warrant form, the assessment of the visible parts with regard to their coating and the initial sample test report (ISTR) to material test results, measurement reports from institutes and much more. This results in well-engineered, flawless products, such as bonnets for AGCO Fendt, exhaust pipe heat guards for Donaldson and bonnet air grilles for JCB and Valtra.

SOLVARO – Manufacturer of individual industrial plate components
SOLVARO’s expert team from engineering, development and production listens to its customers. The result of this collaboration, coupled with a wide range of production technologies, is individual and innovative components. These may be used in agricultural and construction machinery, buses and server cabinets, for example.

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