CryptCleaner is helping data recovery services fight against ransomware

Often victims are forced to give up their data or pay the developers of ransomware a considerable amount of money. Cryptcleaner helps fight against such fraud

CryptCleaner is helping data recovery services fight against ransomware

Forensics and data recovery help get data back

In many countries ransomware has been affecting all areas of society.
People with low income are most often being hit by ransomware. The
level of ransoms being demanded is way above what victims can afford.

Some victims pay but never get their data back. Here data recovery
experts try to help these victims. Often ransomware has encrypted or intentionally damaged files.

The challenge is not to be underestimated.

This where the tool CryptCleaner was been widely accepted as a great
initiative. Many experienced companies are now supporting the
development by helping to translate the application into 20 different

The number of regional support partners is growing. They will get
access to a special edition of CryptCleaner (laboratory edition) in
order to have a wide range of research tools.

The funding for this project is not based on government payments or
investment funding. Development is primarily financed by selling
licenses worldwide.

Pricing is set to not put unnecessary financial burden on victims and
those who want to protect themselves against future attacks.

The development roadmap will lead to users gradually getting new
protective tools with regular updates.

The tool is focused on windows users who are most affected by
ransomware criminality. At the moment the software is usable in
English, German, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese.

Next release will include Bulgarian, Italian, Punjabi, Hindi. Also the database structure has been expanded and migrated to accommodate more features for handling ransomware cases where users of technicians try to clean computers and recover encrypted data.

More details and news is available on the product website, YouTube or
Facebook fan page.

ACATO is a European company specialized in developing solutions for authorities, auditors, fraud investigators and compliance officers. With its team of certified and experienced forensic experts this corporation provides services to corporations, authorities and military across Europe. These services include forensics, data recovery and data protection consulting.

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