Neuland supports SME management in Hong Kong

Neuland supports SME management in Hong Kong

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Foreign owned SME in Hong Kong could ask NEULAND to do their complete Business Administration Management while they can focus on the money making activities!

NEULAND”s Advisory Panel also reviews and supports implementation of Strategic Changes for SME in Hong Kong, Singapore, and region.

Register a new limited company in Hong Kong? Looking for an first office or for first staff? Need to evaluate strategic scenarios for better decision making? Want a helping hand with complex budgeting processes? Longing for better cost control systems, standard costing, job costing, and cost management approaches? Interested in getting rid of administrative tasks to have more room for those jobs that really earn the money? Is that even possible without a CFO and without administrative staff? YES!

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Neuland was founded in mid 2002 in Hong Kong by Dr. Daniel Gruszynski, a former Executive Vice President and General Manager of a large German multi-national enterprise in charge of Business Administration in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwa and is dedicated to provide outstanding business administrative solutions that enable clients to concentrate on their core activities.

Neuland Business Solutions (H.K.) Limited
Dr. Daniel Gruszynski
Room 1501 (15th floor), 38 Plaza, 38 Shan Tung Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, 38
0000 Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2838 3693

Presse & PR-Service Leonhard Becker
Leonhard Wilhelm Josef Becker
Hasselkamp 20
40822 Mettmann
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