www.biolitec.com: New website presents modern medical laser therapies

biolitec® has launched a new website – Functional modern design – Worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of minimally invasive laser therapies – Successful research and development in areas such as phlebology and proctology – 10 years ELVeS®

www.biolitec.com: New website presents modern medical laser therapies

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Jena, May 22, 2018 – The developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems for minimally-invasive therapies, biolitec biomedical technology GmbH, has unveiled its new online presence. A modern layout now stands for an adapted innovative website functionality and a better overview of the company’s versatile product and application areas: Thanks to the new tile design, the entire website is structured in a way that the extensive range of medical applications and laser systems of biolitec® can be recognized at first glance.

This principle of fast recognition can be found both in the subject area for doctors and for patients. This, for instance, gives doctors an immediate overview of all biolitec® lasers. For example, if the visitor clicks on the „Dual 100“ tile, he can, due to the simple depiction, see all the therapeutic areas in which this laser can be used.

The same applies to patients: The respective therapy subpages under the menu item „patients“ lead directly to the patient websites adapted to the special needs of patients, such as www.info-varicose-vein.com, which can also be accessed as independent websites.

Founded more than 30 years ago, biolitec® has become one of the world’s leading companies in the field of minimally invasive laser therapies – due to continuous research and development of its products. Thanks to subsidiaries, including in South America and Asia, its innovative laser systems and methods are available for a wide range of applications for gentle and low-intensity treatment options all around the globe. biolitec® lasers are often innovative alternatives to conventional treatment methods in phlebology, proctology, thoracic surgery, urology, gynecology, ENT and orthopedics.

For 10 years now, the unique ELVeS® Radial® 2-ring laser fiber of biolitec®, with its efficient and simple technology, has been convincing in the treatment of varicose veins.

As a result of intensive research, biolitec® has always been able to offer the most modern possibilities in minimally invasive laser medicine. The new LEONARDO® laser family by biolitec® includes the only laser systems available on the market in which two wavelengths can be adjusted and used independently and continuously during the treatment. The universal applicability of the lasers in various fields of application is unique.

Further information on all products and applications of the laser therapies by biolitec® is available directly on the new website www.biolitec.com.

About biolitec
biolitec® is one of the world“s leading medical technology companies in the field of laser applications and the only provider which possesses all the relevant core competences in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT) – photosensitizers, lasers and fibre optic cables. Besides laser-supported treatment of cancers with the drug Foscan®, biolitec® researches and markets above all minimally invasive, gentle laser procedures.
ELVeS® Radial® (Endo Laser Vein System) is the world“s most-used laser system to treat venous insufficiency. The LEONARDO® diode laser from biolitec® is the first universally applicable medical laser which has a combination of two wavelengths, 980nm and 1470nm, and which can be used across disciplines. The innovative contact fibre XCAVATOR® in conjunction with the LEONARDO® DUAL 200 Watt laser allows in urology a gentle treatment of e.g. benign prostate enlargement (BPH). The light-weight LEONARDO® Mini laser weighing only 900 g was developed especially for mobile application on site. Gentle laser applications in the fields of proctology, ENT, gynecology, thorax surgery and pneumology are also part of biolitec®“s field of business. More information available at www.biolitec.com

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