Nice sounding woofers at a nice price – AXTON ATW16 and ATW20

The new AXTON subwoofers have been awarded the “Best Product” (ATW16) and “Sound Tip” (ATW20) accolades from the German Car & HiFi magazine (issue 03/2020).

There is currently a marked trend towards 16-cm and 20-cm subwoofers that can be unobtrusively installed in the vehicle. With the ATW16 (16.5 cm) and ATW20 (20 cm), car audio specialist AXTON has two subwoofer chassis in its product range that are not only well suited to mounting in compact bass reflex enclosures but also for upgrading to a 3-way system. The German Car & HiFi magazine (issue 03/2020) has thoroughly checked out the two mini-woofers in a road test.
Right at the beginning of the test report the tech journalists remark that the price-performance for the ATW16 and ATW20 makes sense: “AXTON would not be AXTON if both woofers were not very affordable. They can be had for 70 and 80 euros apiece, and for that you get really well made little woofers.”
As for the features these woofers impress right down the line. Car & HiFi praise the quality of the sandwich cone and powder coated metal basket that “even has rear vent openings under the spider”. In particular, the well-conceived, powerful driver unit scores with the testers: “Thick drivers are in evidence on both ATWs. (…) Here we are dealing with a 38-mm dual voice coil energized by a generously sized 120-mm ferrite ring.”
As regards to the Thiele/Small parameters it also appears, according to the testers “that AXTON has not been stingy with the driver.” Both ATWs have Q-factors in the low 0.3 range, which predetermines the woofers for use in bass reflex enclosures.
In the test lab the ATW16, say the testers “then really lets rip in fine fashion. Its area of specialty is dry, super punchy kicks where it reaches top form. Everything that it delivers in the upper bass sounds very professional.” Those looking for a somewhat more full-bodied bass are advised by the journalists to go for the larger ATW20: “The 20-cm also plays clean and dry, reproducing fast bass lines with a lot of punch. As regards level and deep bass response, it leaves its kid brother behind, so making the ATW20 objectively the better choice.”
Furthermore, the testers are agreed that with the ATWs “AXTON has two nice sounding woofers at a nice price” in its product range. They conclude by awarding the accolades “Best Product” for the ATW16, and “Sound Tip” for the ATW20.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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