Hi-Res Audio in the Car – with the New AXTON DSP Amps

Discover new sound dimensions: with the AXTON 4-channel power amps A542DSP and A592DSP you can play Hi-Res music files over the car hifi system.

With its DSP amplifiers car audio specialist AXTON has been setting trends for years in factory system Plug & Play upgrades. The many sound adjustment options, the performance, ease of use and attractive prices have had an enthusiastic response from users and the trade alike. With two new 4-channel power amps – A542DSP and A592DSP – AXTON is now systematically upgrading and extending this winning amplifier design: In addition to music streaming by means of the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 interface the new series now even offers the option of playing Hi-Res audio files directly over the power amps.

A542DSP and A592DSP open up sound dimensions which have been previously unknown. Thanks to the integrated optical or coaxial inputs, with these amplifiers it is possible to play Hi-Res audio files via the car audio system. All you need is the ABT50 streaming interface, available separately as an accessory.
Simply connect the streaming module to the power amps, pair your mobile phone with the ATB50, and stream the Hi-Res audio files to the ATB50 via Bluetooth using the APTX-HD standard. The data is transferred via the coaxial cable to the AXTON DSP amplifiers and can be played in high-resolution audio quality over the car audio system.
Depending on the format, Hi-Res audio data offer the highest dynamic range and a resolution in original studio master quality. That provides benefits on clarity and precision, rendering a transparent expansive soundstage, also ensuring a voluminous bass.

If you do not want to use Hi-Res audio, you can stream your music to the power amps via the built-in Bluetooth interface of the A542DSP and A592DSP. Just pair your smartphone to the amp, press Play – and there you have the music collection of your mobile phone available wirelessly in the car, motorhome or truck, even if the radio has no corresponding interface.

The integrated digital sound processor has useful tools such as time alignment, freely configurable frequency filters, channel level control, and freely configurable parametric equalizer for each channel.
In contrast to many DSP amplifiers, where the user must inconveniently connect a notebook to tune the DSP or buy an additional remote control, ease of use is paramount with the new AXTON amps. Control of the DSP is via Bluetooth using a free app available for iOS and Android smartphones. This app clearly displays all functions so that even newcomers can make the DSP settings without previous knowledge. The settings can be saved on the power amps or on the mobile phone.

AXTON’s new DSP amplifier series offers outstanding performance. Thanks to the latest class D digital amplifier technology, heat build-up and current draw of the amps are always under control. Efficient heat dissipation is being taken care of by the large compact aluminum housing: just 145 x 40 x 114 mm (A542DSP) and 185 x 40 x 114 mm (A592DSP).
Both models are ideal for purist car hifi installations, offering several application options thanks to the integrated 5-channel DSP controlled preamp outputs and plug and play connection, including auto turn-on/off. Furthermore, the 4-channel amplifier A592DSP is 2 ohm stable – ideal in combination with most factory systems.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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