Tipp Oil dance together against Corona

Tipp Oil dance together against Corona

There will be life after Corona. But that will be different. On the way there we certainly need a lot of strength, courage and agility – especially in our heads. My team and I dance our way there and are participants in a worldwide movement.

The pictures and messages at the height of the first wave were terrifying and frightening. The fear seemed palpable. But there is always, however gloomy the times, a light somewhere that shows us the way out. Nobody stands for it like the song “Jerusalema” from South Africa, which stands for the hope of peace and joy and has taught us that movement begins with the first step.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for my team and me to perform the Jerusalema dance in public – in addition to the office scenes in the video, also at the most central point in Munich, Marienplatz. But what seems crazy to many people should set an example. A sign that, even in less good times, it is always important to maintain the joie de vivre. For everyone who joins the worldwide Jerusalem Dance Challenge, the choreography is so much more than a dance. It is the prospect of better and better times and the proof that even in a crisis you shouldn’t get down and go further.

At TIPP OIL, we were very moved by the way people carried their hope into the world through dancing. For my team, it is the symbol of movement, new beginnings and the expectation that the world of business will start to move due to the experience made by Corona. In addition to the rightly celebrated heroes in fighting the crisis, our employees and managers have also proven themselves. You have shown that flexibility is a fuel for economic well-being. You are efficient and fun from the home office, for our customers and for each other.

Now we can only hope that experience is sufficient, that flexibility is also a gift in our everyday work, for the companies and for the people who work in them. My crew and I want to be part of this movement and that’s why we dance to show that mobility can bring you to your destination not only physically but also mentally.

I urge you to join the global message and us. Show that you are ready for the future by taking part in the Jerusalem Challenge.

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