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IPO Market Outlook
The strong finish of 2020 provides good momentum for the IPO market going into 2021. Global IPO markets have benefited from the abundance of liquidity that was injected into the system by governments in the wake of the pandemic. This resulted in record levels of IPO activity in some major markets, more than in the past 20 years. IPO models have also evolved to adapt to the new ways of doing business – virtual roadshows, direct listings, special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) mergers, to name a few.1
With strong momentum building in Q3 and Q4 2020, there is a very substantial pipeline of companies looking to IPO in 2021 in favorable conditions
In Europe also IPO activity is slowly recovering following the first half of the year where market conditions and increasing volatility prevented companies from listing. As volatility steadies, a healthy IPO pipeline is building up for 2021.
The improving outlook for the IPO market and growing popularity of direct listing would mean a lot of clients for the IPO advisory services firms going ahead. And, Wall Street IPO, who has tons of experience in helping companies go public, is poised well to gain a significant number of those clients.
What makes Wall Street IPO better than many others is that it offers clients a tailor-made solution. Moreover, it offers all IPO services (from start to finish) under one roof, be it assessment of IPO readiness, virtual Roadshow scripting, Prospectus drafting and more. That is why the Wall Street IPO also featured in Silicon Review“s 50 Leading Companies of 2021.
Another positive for the company is its success rate in taking companies public. This is something that potential clients are most interested in. A recent success example for the company is VITX, which has a YTD return of over 320% and average trading volume of 60.08 million.
Wall Street IPO currently serves clients in Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Cyprus and Switzerland. This means going ahead, the company can further increase its revenue by expanding into more regions.
Potential Markets yet Untapped by
In the future, Wall Street- IPO can expand its services in the following market:
Indian stock exchanges (BSE and NSE including SMEs) ranked ninth in the world in terms of the number of IPOs in full year of 2020. There were no cross-border deals. In the main markets (i.e., BSE and NSE), there were ten IPOs in Q4 2020 versus five IPOs in Q4 2019 and four IPOs in Q3 2020.1
U.S. could also prove a big market for Wall Street IPO. The country recently allowed companies that are going public through a direct listing can now raise capital in the process.
One of the categories of IPO Advisory services from Wall Street-IPO is Planning, which includes assessment of IPO readiness and investment banking landscape, syndicate selection advisory, and Coordination of complete placement process. Wall Street IPO also does Execution, with solutions such as Roadshow scripting, Prospectus drafting, Industry and peer intelligence, and a host of others in the category. There is also the Post IPO service that includes Transition to Investor Relations and Corporate Communications program utilizing new solutions.
For more information about Wall Street IPO and the wide range of solutions offered, please visit their U.S Direct Listing Nasdaq other OtC

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