Modern, powerful, affordable: AXTON digital amplifiers

The ultra-compact power amps of the new A-series are rewarded with three accolades in a test by German Car & HiFi magazine (06/21).

The AXTON car audio brand is well-known for a very good price/performance. That the same is also true for the new compact amplifiers of the AXTON A-series is shown in a test conducted by the German magazine Car & HiFi (06/21). Three models of the series have been put through their paces by the respected tech journalists: the 1-ohm stable monoblock A101, the 4-channel A401 as well as the 6-channel flagship A601. Just like their predecessor models, the new amps, according to Car & HiFi, are not only „good and affordable“, but also shine with „modern construction and the latest features“.
The very appearance of the compact A-series is enough to thoroughly impress: „These have become real designer pieces“, explain the experienced testers. „Common to all is a smart matte look design which is why the amplifiers appear very high quality. The cabinets are made completely of aluminum continuous casting.“
The amps also score with the journalists on their configuration: „The configuration for the A101 is very good: not only is a level remote control included, there is also a quite generous filter configuration with low pass, subsonic filter and bass boost.“ There is also special praise for the interfacing, which is „commendable“ for all the power amps. „There is a switch for selecting a high level or normal RCA signal, and there is an auto turn-on that detects the DC-offset of common car radios, as well as switching on if there is a signal input. In the case of the A401 and A601 there is additionally the practical option of providing all channels with a pair of inputs.“
In the test lab of Car & HiFi the AXTON amplifiers then really go flat out. „The A401 pushes out almost 100 watts per channel at 4 ohms, and this soars up to 174 watts at 2 ohms. This also makes it a quite serious power amp even for power hungry component speaker systems or woofers, e.g. as in BMW and Mercedes cars.“ The A601 can also impress the tech journalists with lots of power: „Into 2 ohms it puts out only a few watts less than its four-channel sister. That is worth all due credit and a sign of a soundly dimensioned power supply.“
According to Car & HiFi, the bass power amp A101 shows a very „mature power output“ in spite of its small size – into 4 ohms at just 230 watts, and into 2 ohms at 375 watts: „What is by no means obvious is that the A101 can also drive a 1-ohm subwoofer. Here it releases a good 550 watts, which also satisfies any hunger for ambitious sound levels.“
Soundwise the A101 has lots of impressive deep bass response: „Even with quite dark electro beats it demands something from the subwoofer, (…) not being frightened of a rocky bass drum and does an effective job with fast techno beats.“ The A401 and A601 also deliver a brilliant performance in the sound lab: „The multi-channel power amps also have enough gusto, even at deep tones, to ask the best from the speakers when it gets really dynamic. When worked hard they also do not lose their puff that fast, so the sound remains clean even at higher volumes.“

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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