Precise and Punchy – AXTON’s Active Subwoofer ATB20A

„Perfect all-rounder with small footprint“ – AXTON’s compact active bass box ATB20A gets the ‚price/performance: very good‘ accolade from the German magazine Car & HiFi

Anything relating to the design of compact, powerful bass active subwoofers, car audio specialist AXTON is one of the leading experts. According to the German special interest magazine Car & HiFi, AXTON bass boxes are among the „best made compact subwoofers that there are.“ With the ATB20A, AXTON has now relaunched its long running AXB20A product – targeted improvements, while maintaining a proven concept: namely the use of a passive cone with a low enclosure volume to achieve the extended frequency response of a bass reflex subwoofer.
The testers of Car & HiFi magazine have now put the new AXTON 20 cm/8″ active sub ATB20A through its paces and presented their results in issue 5/22 in a big test report.
The design and build of the active bass box received high praise: „In the ATB20A we see that AXTON employs decent material and is therefore not in the cheap class“, explain the experienced tech journalists. „That begins with the enclosure, which is made completely from MDF. The durable plastic coating makes it sufficiently rugged for many years of service in a trunk.“ The sturdy horizontal guards that protect the cone from damage also help in this respect.
The equipment of the bass box, that only measures 31.5 x 27.5 x 33 cm, also impressed the professional testers: „Only after unscrewing the ATB is the heavy ferrite driver revealed. As is standard, this works with a 38 mm voice coil that can handle quite some power.“ The power is produced by a 100 watt RMS power amp that is also employed in other active subwoofers from AXTON. „Although we have a conventional class AB power amp here“, say the tech journalists, „the way it works is very modern with an amplifier chip, which makes it really tiny.“
The configuration of the bass box, according to the testers, „leaves nothing to be desired“. „The ATB20A has everything you need“, say the technical experts. Beside a 12 dB/oct. low pass filter there is also a bass boost, variable phase shift and input gain, as well as a high-level input with auto turn-on. A bass level remote control is also included in the kit.
In the test lab the power amp reveals, say the testers, a further feature, a subsonic filter with a fixed setting that steeply cuts off frequencies under 35 Hz. „That is especially important in the case of a passive cone subwoofer“, explain the technical experts, „as otherwise the passive cone tends to uncontrolled excursions below its tuning frequency.“
In the test lab the ATB20A delivered a convincing performance: „The acoustic behavior of the ATB20A is exemplary“, say the testers. „It delivers a perfect amplitude response, at full level from 40 Hz and above. That is absolutely top class for a woofer having a volume of only 13.5 liters.“
In the listening test the ATB20A shows that it can also handle deeper bass tones: „Up to moderate speaker levels it plays cleanly down into the frequency basement, and below the bass drum is by no means the end. Naturally it also has no problems with mid-bass frequencies, and reproduces fast beats at the top end with spirit. Overall, it plays very precisely and crisply.“
„With the ATB20A AXTON is relaxed about going into the next round of competing compact 20 cm active subwoofers“, say the testers in their summary. „This package of small dimensions and great bass output is better than ever.“ For its convincing performance, the ATB20A gets the ‚price/performance: very good‘ accolade from the magazine Car & HiFi.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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