Culture meets modernity: Eterra’s approach to architectural aesthetics on Mallorca

In the sun-drenched Balearic Islands, especially on Mallorca, the construction industry is experiencing a welcome shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. For a long time, the island’s residential construction relied on traditional, yet climate-damaging materials like cement. However, a paradigm shift is now underway, promising not only aesthetically pleasing architecture but also a more conscious approach to the environment. ETERRA Iberia SL is leading this change. Under the direction of Daniel Slenters, the Managing Partner of ETERRA, projects are emerging that represent a perfect symbiosis of modern design and traditional Mallorcan architecture.

Sustainable Architecture Sets New Standards for Environmental Protection and Aesthetics

The construction industry, specifically cement production, has been identified as a major climate killer, with experts estimating that about eight percent of global CO emissions come from this sector. To counteract this, Mallorca is seeing the first pioneering projects that rely on more sustainable building materials. Ecologically compatible alternatives such as Posidonia grass for insulating social housing are coming into focus. Architects and developers on the island are embracing the challenge and increasingly adopting innovative approaches. A standout example is the „Life Reusing Posidonia“ project, where not only the choice of materials but also the entire construction method is oriented towards sustainability. The Balearic housing authority IBAVI is also committed to sustainable construction and has already taken steps to incorporate Posidonia grass in the insulation of social housing. In a new project in Palma, walls are being built from local Mares stone and a roof from a wooden structure. Daniel Slenters points out that these examples show that sustainable building is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable. „The island is thus taking an important step towards a future-proof real estate development and sets a sign for conscious action in harmony with nature,“ says Slenters.

Honoring the Past through Modern Design

The foundation of Eterra’s architectural philosophy is the respect and appreciation of local culture and history. „We believe that modern architecture should reflect the history of a place,“ explains Slenters. This concept is evident in their projects, which combine traditional elements such as Mallorcan stone walls and wooden beams with contemporary, clean lines and open spaces.

One of ETERRA’s most impressive projects is „ANDRATX HILLS“ – a luxurious apartment complex currently under construction. This project is characterized by a multi-level construction method that allows for doubling the building area without compromising the privacy and green spaces of the residents. „ANDRATX HILLS is our flagship project that combines luxury with sustainability and privacy,“ explains Slenters. Each housing unit is independently designed, underscoring the project’s uniqueness. A study by the Mallorca Architectural Institute shows that such projects not only enrich the local architecture but also increase the demand for properties that are both culturally rooted and modern.

Integration of Sustainability and Aesthetics

Sustainability is another central pillar of Eterra’s design philosophy. „Sustainable architecture does not mean sacrificing aesthetics,“ emphasizes Slenters. ETERRA integrates environmentally friendly materials and technologies such as solar energy and rainwater harvesting systems into their projects. These elements are designed to complement the overall aesthetic while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.

The „PANORAMA BENDINAT“ project, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024, transforms an outdated hotel destined for demolition into luxurious apartments. Through clever planning, ETERRA was able to gain 50 percent more square meters of basement space. „PANORAMA BENDINAT shows how we can transform decayed structures into high-quality living spaces that meet today’s luxury standards,“ comments Slenters.

Revitalizing the Local through Global Perspectives

ETERRA understands the importance of incorporating global design perspectives to revitalize local architecture. „We bring worldwide trends and innovations to Mallorca to breathe fresh air into traditional architecture,“ says Slenters. This global approach allows ETERRA to introduce innovative design concepts and materials that enrich the local architectural landscape.

Another standout project is „CONCEPCIo BY NOBIS,“ a boutique hotel in a historic building in the center of Palma de Mallorca. After three years of unsuccessful attempts to obtain a building permit, ETERRA was commissioned and secured it within just 11 months. „This project was a special challenge as we had to preserve the historical significance of the building while integrating modern elements,“ explains Slenters. The result is an impressive boutique hotel that harmonizes history and modernity.

Architecture as a Reflection of Society

For ETERRA, architecture is more than just building structures; it is a way to reflect the values and visions of society. „Our projects are not only meant to be relevant today but also to inspire future generations,“ explains Slenters. This forward-looking approach is evident in ETERRA’s commitment to innovative construction techniques and materials, as well as their involvement in local art and cultural initiatives.

ETERRA played a leading role in a recently held symposium in Palma that dealt with the future of architecture on Mallorca. The event attracted experts from all over Europe and discussed how architecture can be used as a means to promote social and cultural values. By combining respect for the past, commitment to sustainability, and the integration of global design elements, companies like the ETERRA Group are setting new standards in real estate development. Daniel Slenters summarizes that architecture is a dialogue between the rich history of Mallorca and the dynamic future we are shaping together.

Author: Viktoria Akopjan, Blogger

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