Must-See Tour for Munich Visitors This October: SAP-Garden Arena Opening

Consumers are informed about an exclusive tour in Munich on October 3rd, 2024. This tour combines a visit to Munich’s old town and a live basketball game at the newly opened SAP-Garden Arena.

Discover Munich’s Historical Gems:
In October, visitors to Munich are encouraged to take part in a unique tour that starts at the renowned Marienplatz. The tour begins with a 90-minute walk through the old town, where participants receive a thorough overview of the city’s rich history. Key highlights include Hofgarten, Alter Hof, Frauenkirche, Residenzpalast, Bavarian State Opera, Dallmayr Delicatessen House, and both the new and old town halls. The experience is enriched by a native guide in traditional costume, showcasing charm and humor throughout the tour.

Experience the New SAP Garden Arena:
Following the city tour, the event continues with a 3-hour visit to the brand new SAP Garden Arena, which is set to open in 2024. Here, participants have the opportunity to watch a live Europe League Basketball game featuring FC Bayern Munich. The tour includes premium Europe League tickets situated directly behind one of the team benches, providing a unique vantage point. Additionally, guests enjoy a traditional 3-course meal, three drinks per person before the game, and snacks and drinks during the event.

Exclusive Perks and Personalized Experience:
In addition to the live game, participants are treated to an original Europe League jersey from FC Bayern Munich. This exclusive tour can be experienced solo, with a partner, or as part of a group. Furthermore, the tour offers flexibility, allowing it to be tailored to individual preferences for a customized experience. For those keen on capturing memories, the guide offers to take photos suitable for social media.

Rich History and Modern Thrills:
The combination of historical exploration and modern sports makes this tour an exceptional choice for visitors looking to experience Munich in a special way. The guided tour not only delves into Munich’s storied past but also brings participants face-to-face with contemporary excitement at the SAP Garden Arena. The seamless blend of cultural enrichment and live entertainment is designed to provide an unforgettable experience.

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